Anonymous said:
is it okay to use your gifs as sidebars (with proper credit ofc)?

Of course! - Katie


Since we’ve been incredibly inactive the past few months we’re looking for new gif makers to add to the blog.

If you’re interested please fill out the application and send it to the submit section of the blog.

  • Name:
  • Age:
  • Availability:
  • Link to gifs:
  • Why do you wanna be a member of liargifs?

We hope to hear from you soon, the liargifs team.

Hanna Marin - 5x04

Anonymous said:
Do you know what app is it with you can capture gifs/videos?


Anonymous said:
Can you guys make gifs of A? Like faceless A

we can try! we’ll see if we can get it done this week :) - Katie

Anonymous said:
who made your icon?? :)

it’s from here :) - Katie